About Dr. Sierra Breitbeil ND

My family owns the Methow Valley Wellness Center (since 1997), Sunflower Resort (soon to open),  and Sunflower Massage and Spa. 

I am a graduate of Bastyr University Medical School, (ND training) and Brown University (B Sc Biology) in Providence, RI.  I have always been drawn to specialize in natural and lifestyle-based healing strategies.  The health sciences have always come rather intuitively to me, as have the naturopathic commitment to look to nature for answers, to remove hindrances to wellness, and to do no harm.

I moved to the Valley in 1996, where my husband Michael and I started a family; we have two nearly grown boys.  We have done a lot of skiing, biking, golfing, swimming and basketball in this beautiful place.

I like to travel to a warm place every winter, and have always loved reading, history in particular.  I love natural cooking and simple recurring health practices and activities:  like swimming in the summer, golf in the spring to fall, and Nordic skiing in the winter.  I always have my dogs with me;  we do enjoy a good romp daily.

I  enjoy coaching and educating my clients to be proactive with their health.  I seek to restore my client’s mental/spirit/emotional health with intense, but super relaxing and intuitive healing bodywork through my hands-on sessions.   I strive for strong subjective and objective improvements in well-being.  I enjoy hosting people from around the world who find themselves looking for lodging, and wellness while in the Methow Valley.

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