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Dr. Sierra Breitbeil, ND, is a naturopathic physician and a bodywork practitioner of over 30 years. She is devoted to providing natural health information and support for her patients’ emotional and spiritual well-being. She and her family own the Methow Valley Wellness Center, the adjoining Sunflower Resort (coming soon), and the Sunflower Massage and Spa

Dr. Sierra enjoys these distinct areas of specialty: 

Complete care of the individual:  male, female, child

Restoration of thyroid, ovarian, testicular, and adrenal hormones as a bio-identical hormone specialist

Dietary individuation for weight loss, anti-inflammation, allergy, and digestive system challenges.

Intuitive Hands-On Bodywork, through her work at Sunflower Massage and Spa, including injury work, Craniosacral, and many integrated anatomic and energy techniques. Sunflower Massage and Spa includes specialists who offer services for energy healing, multiple modalities of bodywork, counseling, psychotherapy, mindfulness, Reiki, permanent cosmetics, yoga, esthetician services, body art, and tattooing.

She has full pharmaceutical prescriptive authority and is the only medical cannabis prescriber in Okanogan Country.

She does intravenous therapies with 20 different substances for individual treatment goals, including EDTA, NAD+, trace minerals, high dosage vitamin C, carnitine, and Myers cocktail.

Weight Loss

Dr. Sierra helps her patients get lean, losing unwanted body fat. She incorporates thirty years of direct naturopathic patient care to customize weight loss.  

Toward this aim, she optimizes 

  • thyroid and pancreatic insulin sensitivity, 
  • adrenal and sex hormones (like testosterone for women and men), 
  • exercise prescriptions and other strategies to treat metabolic imbalances.   

Dr. Sierra utilizes 

  • HCG injections when applicable, 
  • elimination diets devoid of food allergens,
  • high-quality natural foods with efficient, healthy food preparation styles, 
  • supplement recommendations for cleansing, and
  • various forms of exercise and compelling visualization and emotional support.  

Increasing lean body mass is also essential to raising metabolism and improving the age-related loss of strength and bone density. Exercise isn’t just for now, but for always! You want to love the form of exercise you choose.   

All of these strategies will result in a higher basal metabolic rate.  

Dr. Sierra’s goal in all her weight loss plans is to normalize food intake at lower quantities through re-patterning the digestive process, allowing maximum efficiency at digestion, absorption of nutrients and fluids, and frequent healthy elimination.   

Toxins in the body, whether from drugs, chemical exposures, or lifestyle, all work counter to a healthy metabolism, so phases of detoxification are incorporated.  

If you have yo-yo dieted or dieted in ways that derail long-term success with lean body mass accumulation/fat loss, Dr. Sierra will guide you through this process and support you to make it an exciting and joyful experience. 

Bio-identical Hormone Specialist

Hormone imbalances are common in men and women for many reasons but as a regular aspect of aging. Andropause and menopause mean deficient hormonal output due to declining testicular or ovarian production of testosterone, estrogen, progesterone, DHEA, or pregnenolone.  

Biological aging, poor nutrition, stress, new diagnoses of or challenging cancer treatments, toxic exposures, and lack of regular exercise can disrupt the hormonal system.

Restoring hormones to an improved balance can remarkably improve one’s health and vitality, weight loss, metabolism, and sexual interest and function.

These natural hormones include 

*testosterone, the indication of which is low blood levels and additionally low libido, depression, or weight gain, *balanced estrogens for menopause, 
*thyroid for low metabolism, and 
*cortisol for adrenal fatigue. 

Dr. Sierra measures all hormones at baseline and frequently throughout the re-balancing process. 

She has critical partnerships with hormonal compounders who ship all over the USA:  Moses Lake Pharmacy and Women’s International Pharmacy.   Dr. Sierra personally formulates these pharmaceutical products that may have any combination of thyroid, testosterone, estrogen, DHEA, progesterone, pregnenolone, cortisol, or melatonin.   

Massage and Emotional Integration (let’s change the term to add Massage so they will know)  

Dr. Sierra has been a therapeutic bodyworker for 25 years before and while practicing as a naturopathic physician in the Methow. Since 1991, she has observed the profound power of touch in inspiring her clients to find greater peace, focus, and health.

She draws from her well-informed intuition, three decades of healing experience, and extensive knowledge of the human body.    

Sierra delivers relaxation-focused and deep tissue massage utilizing various techniques, including flowing strokes, active release stretches, breathwork, craniosacral and polarity methods.   

She strives to create an intuitive, deeply satisfying, and integrative session for each client she sees. These sessions are often integral to resetting the agenda and re-inspiring her clients on their paths to greater health overall. To schedule a bodywork session, go to sunflowermassagetherapy.com


  • EDTA Chelation and Plaque X
  • High dosage of Vitamin C 
  • Trace Minerals
  • NAD+

EDTA CHELATION THERAPY alone or with Plaque X is a safe and effective treatment to restore healthy blood flow when the arteries become narrowed and hardened due to a buildup of cholesterol plaque. It is an appropriate response to the cumulative blood vessel diseases that cause strokes, heart attacks, and arterial claudication.   

It is 100% intravenous with no surgery and no discomfort short, tiny needle insertion into an arm vein. Dr. Sierra often recommends 2-3 treatments per week, each lasting 2 – 3 hours. A state-of-the-art lipid exchange process involving infused Plaque X might be paired with EDTA. Usually, a set of treatments is 40 over 26 weeks.  

EDTA is a material that binds to the calcium in the patient’s plaque, removes the hardness, and thereby allows both the immune system and the Plaque X  to soften and remove the narrowing lesion. A healthy cholesterol level and an anti-inflammatory diet will encourage the body to heal the arterial wall to smoothness and suppleness, regenerating healthy arterial flexibility and improving circulation.

EDTA Chelation can also be used extensively as a preventative treatment, thereby minimizing the risk of cardiovascular problems in the future, especially for those with contributory risk factors, such as smoking, high cholesterol,  and hereditary indicators.

For more than fifty years in the USA and abroad, chelation treatment with EDTA and Plaque X has proved highly successful in helping these health problems:

  • Cognitive decline
  • Angina or recent heart attack
  • Recent strokes or transient ischemic attacks 
  • Cardiac arrhythmia
  • Type 2 diabetes with potential associated neuropathy and retinopathy
  • Erectile dysfunction 
  • Fibromyalgia
  • Arterial insufficiency symptoms like intermittent claudication or gangrene
  • Glaucoma 
  • Heart Failure
  • Heavy metal accumulation 
  • Gangrene
  • Glaucoma
  • Heart Failure
  • High Blood Pressure
  • Hypertension 

EDTAs also efficiently remove heavy metals that harm the brain, adrenals, and kidneys and destroy the healthy interactions of trace essential minerals in the body. Nearly everyone in the modern world has a high level of toxic heavy metals. A single EDTA administration and urine collection in the post-12-hour period will show a particular person’s body burden for these substances. The EDTA infusions for heavy metal toxicity can be more flexible, as each infusion can be either over a 10-minute or 1.5-hour time frame, and every infusion counts toward reducing body burden on the patient and Dr. Sierra’s estimation for the best treatment approach timeline.    

Trace mineral IV therapy is used to correct nutritional deficiencies in an expedited way and can be especially helpful between EDTA chelation weeks. It can also improve clinical detoxification, energy, and metabolic efficiency.

Nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide (NAD+) IV therapy is an intravenous treatment that can stimulate cell regeneration in your body. NAD is a coenzyme related to vitamin B3 that binds with elements in your body, offering a host of benefits, like reduced withdrawal symptoms during addiction recovery and enhanced cognitive processing. Additionally, Dr. Sierra has used NAD+ very promisingly with cardiac failure patients or those with low ejection fraction on their way to complete cardiac failure.   

She looks forward to meeting and assisting you with your healthcare needs. Please email using our Contact Form or call for scheduling and inquiries at (509) 996-3971.

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