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Individually Tailored HCG Weight Loss
Individual Tailored HCG Weight Loss

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What is HCG?

HCG is an acronym for Human Chorionic Gonadotropin.

HCG is a hormone that is naturally present during all phases of pregnancy.

HCG is produced by the developing embryo soon after conception and has a multitude of roles to play, including helping the body to mobilize maternal stored fat for the healthy development of the fetus.

It is HCG’s ability to efficiently mobilize the energy of stored fat, that makes it of great use in rapid weight loss. Many have wondered how men can equally benefit from the HCG diet; men and women both produce a substance called luteinizing hormone, that is almost identical to HCG, and in men, facilitates the testes’ production of testosterone, as well as facilitating the same improved fat utilization.

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How did the first HCG weight loss plan originate?

In the mid 1900s a physician realized that when he applied HCG to young men with poor development of male secondary sexual characteristics, these adolescents lost their excess and more female-distributed fat that they had accumulated in the abdomen, buttocks and legs.

Dr. Sierra Breitbeil, ND, has created a unique combination of HCG and a custom, individualized food plan for each patient along with other recommendations including exercise, fasting and more.

The basic beginning food plan for most people starting HCG is Dr. Sierra's Basic Phase 1 Weight Loss Food Plan.

Patients who are the most informed about HCG are more successful with this approach because it does require a strong commitment.

As one of Dr. Sierra’s clients said, "This dieting approach is like being on a train where you must stay on until you reach your destination" so you should know where the train is going before you start!

What weight losses with this approach can be expected?

HCG frees up the body's fat stores efficiently and allows one to burn the equivalent of an extra 1200-2000 calories daily.

During the 24-48 days that one is implementing the approach, most will not experience a great deal of hunger and some none at all.

The number of days is chosen after Dr. Sierra speaks with her client about his/her schedule and weight loss goals, but the actual number of days will be decided once fully underway and may be dependent on the patient’s rate of loss and compliance with the plan.

Most people will lose 1/4 lb daily and all will experience the metabolism resetting effect.

The weight stays off as long as one correctly does the maintenance phase for a period of 6 weeks after the shot phase.

There is no need for a dramatic amount of exercise. One need only briskly walk or swim 30-45 minutes' daily to aid the weight loss.

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What is the Dr. Sierra HCG Weight Loss Food Plan? (an overview)

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Simply put as an overview, there are 4 categories of foods allowed. The daily intake is about 500 calories and includes:

This food can be distributed to suit the individual in a single day. The plan is followed for a minimum of 21 days and a maximum of 45 days. Many individuals may require some adjustment to the above, as for instance the calorie intake may be anywhere from 700 to 1200 or more calories allowed days. No person should be discouraged in doing this plan as many ways to individually tailor exist including vegan plans.

»»more about the Dr. Sierra Basic Weight Loss Food Plan here»»

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How is the HCG taken?

Dr. Sierra teaches the patient to give themself a simple "under the skin" injection of HCG using a tiny insulin syringe. It is a very simple thing to learn. The shots are the only method condoned by the originating physician, Dr. Simeone, in his 20 plus years of clinical experience. No other method of delivery was used.

What foods are included in maintenance? (i.e. after the phase of HCG injection and low calorie eating)

The maintenance phase of eating comes right after the HCG shot phase, lasts 6 weeks and includes all high carbohydrate-containing foods. It is a normal calorie diet intended to result in a stabilization of all weight lost.

What are additional factors in persons who have difficulty with their weight and metabolism?

Some things to consider:

  1. Does the patient have carbohydrate metabolism problems, for instance metabolic syndrome with its picture of high blood fats, low good HDL cholesterol, high fasting insulin, a high average blood sugar, a first or second degree relative with diabetes, gestational diabetes history, or a tendency to have an “apple” shape?
  2. Does the individual have sleep problems, because poor sleep gives little support to your "lean-making" hormones growth hormone, testosterone, progesterone, melatonin, and thyroid and makes the effects of cortisol (the stress and weight increasing hormone) greater?
  3. Are there undiagnosed or untreated food allergies in the patient? Certain foods will cause the body ongoing stress and a lowered metabolic rate.
  4. Could low body temperature and/or inadequately treated low thyroid, be issues?
  5. Is the individual a male or female with low testosterone, DHEA, or growth hormone?
  6. Is the patient a female whose problem with weight arose with menopause.
  7. Ovarian cessation to produce estrogen and progesterone, are many women’s problems.
  8. Are emotions a factor in overeating, and therefore should strategies to address feelings, and to change behavior be implemented?
  9. Is the individual a good candidate for anti-aging support? Hormones to consider are the lean making DHEA sulfate, testosterone, progesterone, pregnenolone and thyroid.

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Why does Dr. Sierra use this approach?

Dr. Sierra has utilized many approaches in helping patients with their overall health.

Many people’s health problems are connected with their diets and their weight such as arthritis, cholesterol, sugar, depression and apnea.

Dr. Sierra has a vast knowledge of many approaches to weight loss and understands what works best through her experience.

Dr. Sierra concludes it difficult to consistently maintain ones "healthy" weight even under the ideal circumstances of eating whole, healthy foods most of the time.

Eating right is only one part of the equation.

Dr. Sierra's Weight Loss Food Plans result in successfully and permanently maintaining a healthy weight thus providing longevity of life.

The reason Dr. Sierra uses this approach is because it works so very well at resetting the metabolism, reducing hunger during the slimming process and the weight loss is relatively fast. This Food Plan is simple and whole-foods based. One must develop a different palate, a different cooking style and learn how to lower the fat and excess carbohydrate content of ones' meals.

Dr. Sierra's Weight Loss Food Plans are the centerpiece for keeping healthy and trim for anyone predisposed to weight gain.

In the majority of individuals who simply produce less slim-making growth hormone, testosterone, DHEA, and thyroid hormones as they age, Dr. Sierra's Weight Loss Food Plans are key to losing unwanted body weight.

Dr. Sierra's clients learn how foods effect their energy, stamina, and weight. They learn to cook, sometimes for the first time, using healthy simple ingredients and recipes.

Many clients with discomforts such as indigestion, fatigue, sinus problems, acne and constipation (as the result of avoiding the most common food allergens) will for the first time be free of these symptoms of recurring food allergies.

Are any persons excluded from this approach?

Yes, type 1 diabetics are excluded, as well as those who have recently had a heart attack, and those with active gall bladder disease.

Are there any side effects of the HCG treatment and diet approach?

Dr. Sierra has observed no side effects in over 500 persons treated. The shot itself may be painful or cause a bruise at the site on occasion. One may feel cranky or light-headed at times where additional factors coincide, such as extreme exertion, heat, lack of fluids, stress, etc.

If a person has active gall bladder disease, the extremely low fat may provoke an aggravation of ones symptoms.

How does a person get started with the HCG weight loss approach?

Email or call the Methow Valley Wellness Center and express interest in making an appointment. We will get back with you to gather information and set an appointment.

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