Fee Schedule

Methow Valley Wellness Center Fee Schedule

Below are the costs for various visits:

  • First office visit with new patients;  50 minutes;  175.00
  • Extended Return Visit or “summary of findings” visit  (where there are test results that I need to inform and educate you about when there moderate complexity);  50 minutes;  175.00
  • Annual physical including referral for preventative services (mammograms, colonoscopy or bone density);  175.00
  • Return office visit; 30 minutes;  105.00, and phone consult follow-ups of 20 -30 min. length
  • Counseling;  50 minutes;  125.00
  • Bodywork:  (Craniosacral or Release Work);  50 minutes;  95.00
  • IV for Chelation, Vitamin C, Vitamin/Mineral “push”;  price is dependent on materials and duration:  Myers’ cocktail push is 75.00 for material and time
  • Blood draw and processing; (or collection and handling of other specimens);  25.00
  • Renewals/Misc; for prescription renewals outside normal office visits or miscellaneous smalladministrative tasks requested;  25.00

Insurance Considerations; I will continue to do blood draws and Paps on-site. If you have coverage from your insurance, the lab will bill your insurance directly. If you don’t have good coverage for blood work, or just have coverage for the very most basic tests, please ask us about the direct pay-at-the-time-of-service discount we are able to provide through out own account with the major labs.

Superbills;Starting early next year I will be able to give you a superbill for most visit types and you may submit this to your insurance for out-of-network reimbursement for the service I provide. Depending on your plan it will cover a certain portion of your out-of-pocket expense. Please let us know at the time of scheduling that you would like this superbill and we can help you with this. Medicaid however cannot be billed with a superbill submission.